Software tailored for workshops

Assigning tasks, receiving phone calls from eager customers, juggling emails, and ensuring everything runs on schedule - this is the everyday reality for many jewelry workshops. But when the administrative clutter of scattered papers and manual processes creeps in, these artful havens can become zones of stress.

Man in his workshop, focused on crafting a special piece of jewelry, surrounded by various tools on his work desk

What are some of your daily challenges?

Disorganized orders and repairs

Juggling multiple projects, repairs, and custom orders and meeting deadlines? Streamline and prioritize tasks with Gem Logic's efficient task management system.

Manual business management

Scribbling down prices, manually creating invoices, or maintaining separate Excel sheets for everything makes the business aspect difficult.

Clarity in every sale and repair

Gem Logic simplifies the complex process of jewelry crafting. Through our user-friendly list view, every order and repair is clearly visible and organized. Assign tasks effortlessly to collaborators and set precise deadlines. Need to communicate? Draft and email essential documents straight from the platform. Enhance trust by attaching a before image of the jewelry, showcasing the piece's condition prior to any alterations

Woman in her jewelry workshop using a tablet with Gem Logic software to check and update repair statuses, with an overlay of a detailed repair page showing deadlines, before images, customer name, and repair descriptions.

Simplified business handling

With Gem Logic, messy handwritten notes and manual invoices are a thing of the past. No need for scattered Excel sheets either. Our software makes managing your workshop's business side easy. Set prices, create invoices, and keep track of everything in one organized place. By centralizing your operations, Gem Logic ensures a smoother, more consistent, and professional approach, allowing workshops to focus more on their craft and less on the paperwork.

Man sitting in his jewelry workshop, working on a tablet using Gem Logic software to check customer orders.

Comprehensive client management

Clients are the heart of your business. With our centralized database, keep all vital client information at your fingertips. Dive into their history to tailor services and set automated follow-ups, ensuring every client feels cherished and valued.

Woman jeweler multitasking in her workshop, speaking on the phone with a customer and checking customer details on a tablet using Gem Logic software, with an overlay of a detailed customer information page.

Stories from a workshop

Imagine the ease with which you could manage a customer's specific request. They walk in, asking for a custom engagement ring. While discussing the design, you quickly pull up your stock details, checking the availability of materials. The design is agreed upon, and you create a sale entry and an associated task for the workshop. The customer receives an offer directly in their email. As the piece progresses, you send over images of the piece, ensuring transparency and building trust.

And when it's time to ship, with a few clicks, the order is on its way, with tracking details sent directly to your customer.

Man in his workshop, focused on crafting a special piece of jewelry, surrounded by various tools on his work desk.