Manage your sales in seconds

Create and edit sales and send them to your clients directly from our software.

Revolutionize your sales process with our all-in-one sales module

Create a sale with only a few click

Our sales module is designed to streamline the process of managing sales for your jewelry business.

It allows you to easily keep track of all your incoming and outgoing orders, giving you a clear overview of your sales and inventory.

This module helps you to manage your customer's orders from start to finish, from receiving an order to delivering the product.

Add an item in an order? Search among your products

With this app, you can easily create, manage and track orders, you can also create custom order statuses and add notes to each order.
Find your products in the list you've already created or add it manually if it's a custom jewel.

This way you can keep track of the progress of each order and ensure that your customer is satisfied with their purchase.

Order ready? Email it to your client

One of the key features of our sales module is the ability to directly send an email to your client once the order is ready.

This feature allows you to automatically send an email to your customer with all the relevant information, such as the tracking number, expected delivery date, and order details.

This feature makes it easy to keep your customers informed and helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Add transactions

Another great feature of the order app is the ability to link bank transactions with orders.

This feature allows you to easily match incoming payments with the corresponding orders, giving you a clear picture of your revenue and ensuring that your financial records are accurate.

This feature also helps you to avoid any potential errors, and increase the efficiency of your financial management.