Software tailored for retailers

Retail made simple and efficient. Organize inventory, boost sales, and connect seamlessly with suppliers, all with the power of Gem Logic.

Happy jeweler retailer in her boutique organizing her products by categories, brands, suppliers, and more on a laptop with Gem Logic software.

What are some of your daily challenges?


Struggling with stock levels and predicting sales? Gem Logic provides low-stock alerts, trend insights, and quick label printing, ensuring your inventory is always optimized.


Mistakes in orders? Miscommunications with suppliers? Streamline your orders with precise details using Gem Logic, and generate shipping labels for your ateliers.

Optimized inventory & labeling system

Every product on your shelf holds a narrative of precision and simplicity. Seamlessly track stock levels, receive timely low-stock alerts, and analyze product trends. Additionally, generate and print jewelry labels right from our platform, inclusive of SKU, barcode, carats, materials, and pricing. When ringing up a sale, a quick barcode scan ensures an accurate and swift transaction.

Screenshot of Gem Logic's product list feature with jewelry images, set against a jewelry display background, overlaid with a ring showcasing a label with barcode, SKU, price, and description generated by our software.

Deep dive into customer insights

Truly grasp your customers' preferences. With Gem Logic's contacts module, document purchase histories, classify customers based on shopping patterns, and set reminders for tailored follow-ups. Cultivating loyalty is now effortless.

Jeweler in a retail shop interacting with customers, handing over a purchase in a beautiful bag, with an overlay feature from Gem Logic software showing customers' favorite products for better insight into their preferences.

Seamless supplier relations

Building and maintaining healthy supplier relationships is crucial. Manual processes can lead to errors in orders, miscommunications, or delays. With Gem Logic, send precise orders directly from the system, including all the necessary details like reference numbers, quantities, and sizes. Plus, if you need alterations, shipping labels can be generated in a snap, ensuring clear communication with ateliers.

Man standing in front of his jewelry shop with an overlay screenshot of Gem Logic software, displaying organized supplier orders by date, featuring updatable status tracking and process automation.
Jewelry shop display in the background with overlay images of a product list page from Gem Logic software and a jewelry e-commerce integration, showcasing synchronization with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Stock management: physical store and e-commerce

Navigating both a physical and online presence? Bring them together with Gem Logic. Manage your entire inventory, update product details, and handle every online order in one central platform. Whether it's generating shipping labels or consolidating your contacts, Gem Logic offers a simplified solution to empower every facet of your business in today's digital age.

Story from a retailer

Envision a day when a regular customer seeks a specific jewelry piece. Within seconds, you're scanning barcodes, checking availability, and diving into detailed product histories. Guided by Gem Logic’s robust data, you present the ideal item, crafting yet another tale of pleased customers and impeccable store management.

With Gem Logic, every retail moment becomes more streamlined, insightful, and rewardingly efficient.

Retailer in a jewelry shop assisting a customer by fitting a bracelet on their wrist.

Frequently asked questions

Can I access my data from anywhere?

Yes, you can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection through our cloud-based solution.

Who created Gem Logic?

Gem Logic was created by a team led by a developer who has a background in the jewelry business and wanted to help automate the day-to-day operations of jewelry businesses.

What type of jewelry businesses does Gem Logic support?

Gem Logic is designed specifically for jewelry businesses, including retail jewelry stores, jewelry manufacturers, gemstone traders, jewelry and diamond brands, goldsmiths, workshops.

What is Gem Logic?

Gem Logic is a complete, all-in-one software solution designed specifically for the jewelry industry.

What are the costs associated with using Gem Logic?

Gem Logic offers flexible pricing plans based on the number of users. You can view our plans and pricing on here: <a href="https://www.gem-logic.com/pricing">pricing</a>. If you're a large enterprise with more than 15 employees, please feel free to contact us for custom pricing options.

How user-friendly is Gem Logic?

Gem Logic is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so you can get started quickly and easily without needing any prior experience with similar software.

How can I get started with Gem Logic?

To get started with Gem Logic, simply sign up for a 30 days free trial or contact us to schedule a demo.

How secure is my data with Gem Logic?

Gem Logic takes data security very seriously and uses industry-standard security protocols to protect your data. We make regular software updates, automated backups performed daily and we encourage our users to use the two factor authentication for sign ins.

How does Gem Logic differ from other software solutions?

Gem Logic is designed specifically for the jewelry business and includes a comprehensive set of features that are tailored to meet the unique needs of jewelry businesses. This is different from other software solutions that may only offer a limited set of features or that are not specifically designed for the jewelry business.

What does Gem Logic offer?

Gem Logic offers a range of tools and features, including stock management, CRM, accounting, repair management, automated emails, orders and invoices, and certificate generation.

Is there a limit to the number of users for Gem Logic?

No, there is no limit to the number of users for Gem Logic. You can add as many users as your company needs. You can choose your plan according to the size of your company and add users at an additional cost per month.

Does Gem Logic support multiple languages?

Yes, Gem Logic supports multiple languages to accommodate the needs of international jewelry businesses. The following languages are available: English, French, Dutch, Spanish. More languages are currently being developed and are coming soon.

Can I customize the invoices and certificates in Gem Logic?

Yes, you can customize the look and feel of your invoices and certificates to match your brand, including adding your company logo, header and footer, and more.

How does Gem Logic help with stock management?

Gem Logic's stock management feature allows you to easily keep track of your inventory levels, view stock reports, and manage purchasing and sales.