Track your repairs, automate the process.

Manage your repairs with a piece of mind with our repair module.

Repair module for jewelers of all sizes

Overview of the repair

Access all repair information, share it with your collaborators to provide a better follow-up for your customers.

With our software, you can easily set deadlines for each repair and track progress to ensure that repairs are completed on time.

You can also upload before and after pictures to help you and your clients see the transformation of the repaired item.

Before/after pictures

Email your client about the repair with a before picture. This can reassure your customer and assure the state of the jewelry before transformation, this way there is no misunderstanding.

Automate your repair workflow and status management

Customize your status for the repairs and create a workflow with each status. For example, when you change the status to "Back from atelier", automatically send an email and sms to your client letting them know that the repair is ready to be picked up in the store.

Our repair app includes automatic email notifications that can help you keep your clients informed about the status of their repair requests.

You can customize the emails to include information such as estimated completion dates, payment details, and pickup instructions. Our repair app can help you streamline your process and provide better service to your clients.

All-in-one jewelry software

All the apps you need to run your jewelry business. Manage your stock, invoicing, certificates, repairs, track your sales and manage your customer relationship, all from one software.

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