Case Study

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Retail jewellery and jewellery designer.
Location: Leuven, Belgium

The luxurious jewellery store, Juwelen Vander Avort, located in the heart of Leuven opened their doors in 1985.
Since 2018, Maxime Vander Avort, the eldest son, is slowly taking over his parents' jewellery store, which has been running for over 35 years.


Around 15 years ago, Mic and Veronique (aka the parents) were looking for a way to manage their business more efficiently and get rid of hand written information, that's when they found a CRM that for the time being, was revolutionary. But the problem was the CRM wasn't updated regularly and wasn't adapted to today's challenges and evolving business environment. The CRM was outdated with limited operations that weren't synchronizing.

Since Maxime integrated the company, he was looking for an up-to-date all-in-one solution build for jewellers to help him automate all of the administrative and sales processes and ensure that he can manage inventory, invoicing, and the rest of his business's operations all in one place.


Juwelen Vander Avort needed a tool that would enable better processes and data management whilst maintaining the brand's highly personalized service. The jewellery business is highly competitive, challenging at times and this is why Juwelen Vander Avort has been focused on personal service with unique custom made jewelries, customers returning regularly to have their special pieces of jewellery cleaned and maintained.


In the past ten years, selling things online has grown a lot, creating both new chances and difficulties. Jewelry stores, to stay ahead and be seen more, started selling online too. When Maxime took charge of his family's jewelry business, he wanted to start selling online as a way to grow. But he needed a system to manage his stock and make sure it matched with what was in his physical store. The goal was to find software that would make managing the business better and easier, help work well with others, bring in new employees, and help the business grow.

Outdated customer details information

Because all customers details were in the outdated software, it was harder and took longer for the family to capture, search and use the information. As more customers wanted custom made jewels, it was becoming difficult to keep track of design sketches, deadlines, customers information in an accessible and organized central place.

High Season stock management

During high season, it was difficult knowing the exact inventory of the jewels making the customer experience less enjoyable and stress levels through the roof. They needed a peace of mind, knowing exactly what they have in store, what has been ordered and the delivery times.

Analyse Data to improve business performance

Previously the old software did not have a good analystics system. For example, for next season what should be ordered more based on sales, orders, …" Of course, we could do it manually but in a larger scale it was becoming time consuming and inaccurate."

Keep track of repairs

With time, the jewellery store became a reference for jewellery repairs and maintenances as well jewellery repurpose. All that success came with a heavy logistic part as their repair atelier is located in another part of town. Therefore, it was hard to keep track of all repairs as was done entirely by hand. For example, customers would call to get an update on the status of their repair and they wouldn't be able to give an exact answer. As part of maintaining the excellent customer experience, Maxime had to find a way to automate that process.

Those challenges made Maxime search for a more powerful & efficient software that was adapted to his business and not the other way around. That's when he turned to Gem Logic as he needed to be provided with tools for his daily operations and with the desire to grow/expand his family business and take it to the next level.

"While we were doing well before implementing Gem Logic software, we knew that the limitations of our old processes would eventually catch up to us. Gem Logic is all about taking the next step and improving upon what we've built. It's a tool for unlocking new opportunities and expanding our horizons."

- Maxime Vander Avort
Owner, Juwelen Vander Avort


Since implementing Gem Logic's software, Juwelen Vander Avort has seen significant improvements in their operations and overall business performance.

With the software in place, the store was able to manage their customer data more efficiently, leading to more personalized and effective service. They were also able to track their inventory in real-time, reducing stress levels during high season and improving the customer experience.
The store was able to use the software's analytics and reporting features to gain insights into their business performance and make data-driven decisions for future orders. They were also able to streamline their repair tracking process, reducing customer wait times and improving overall satisfaction.

Overall, the team at Juwelen Vander Avort has achieved greater efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and significant business growth through a combination of hard work and the support of Gem Logic's software. While the investment in Gem Logic's software has certainly played a role in their success, it's clear that the store's commitment to excellence and dedication to their craft have also been key factors in driving their achievements.