Stay on Top of Your Business Costs with our Accounting module

Keep track of your incomes and expenses.

Accounting module

Powerful, yet simple tool to keep track

Our accounting module is designed to streamline the financial aspect of your jewelry business.

It allows you to easily keep track of all your income and expenses, giving you a overview of your financial situation.

With this module, you can manage all your incoming and outgoing invoices in one place, so you can see exactly where your money is going and coming from.

Give access to your accountant and let him do the job

You can give access to your accountant, so they can easily view and manage all of your financial information.

This way, you can focus on growing your business, while your accountant handles the financial details.

With this feature, you can keep your business in compliance with tax laws and regulations and make informed decisions.

Indicate if the invoice is paid or not

A key feature of our accounting module is the ability to keep track of the payment status of both incoming and outgoing invoices.

This means you can easily see which invoices have been paid and which ones are still outstanding, giving you a clear picture of your cash flow and helping you to avoid any potential financial issues.

All-in-one jewelry software

All the apps you need to run your jewelry business. Manage your stock, invoicing, certificates, repairs, track your sales and manage your customer relationship, all from one software.

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